We are the Security Leaders Village (SLV) at DEF CON. We came together with the goal to help current and aspiring leaders in cybersecurity to share their challenges, suggest potential solutions, develop leadership skills and perspectives, discuss the good – the bad – and the ugly – and how to make it better. Through collaborative networking, shared learnings, including videos and presentations by leaders in the SLV village community, you will learn and grow, including exploring new security innovations and standards opportunities. Join the SLV to share your journey, use your voice, listen and learn, chart your path, and find a diverse and inclusive community of support in the world of cybersecurity.

Come as you are, all are welcome. DEFCON29 is our inaugural village year! Join us to share, listen, learn, and collaborate. We are hosting two tracks on Saturday, August 7th, 10am to 7pm PST.  You can find the schedule here

  1. Day in the Life of a Security Leader – use the CFP to propose a topic about your reality as a security leader. You can upload a lightning talk video clip of 5-10 minutes to share challenges, a presentation up to 30 minutes,  learnings, or solutions as a security leader.
    • The SLV Board will review and curate the material and make it available for streaming during DEFCON, and through the SLV website.
  2. Security Innovations – Learnings – Open topics
    • We will be hosting an open networking and community building event at the end of our one day village on Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 6-7pm PST. Join us in the Discord channel to access the networking event to share what you learned, suggestions for next year, and other events you would like to see during the year.
    • Official Discord Server/Channel: https://discord.gg/r8gD7Tdsyp

Join us! Any questions, fill in the contact form below.

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